Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pattern Parade - 1

First pattern in the book so will do a few at least in order. They are grouped in categories so may get tired of the category and will have to mix them up.

Settled on Berroco DK Sport yarn White as I have several balls purchased for a baby shawl and it was not required, it is a reasonable price of $3.99 for 165 meters / 178 yards, and a fairly nice feeling yarn with 50% nylon and 50% acrylic. Using a 4.5 metric / US 7 short circuler Bryspun knitting needle. Working 3 rows of moss stitch top and bottom with 1 slipped stitch on each edge.

Book - 300
Grouping - Leaf

- Pattern - 16 stitches + 1 by 21 rows
- Sample 25 stitches +2 by 50 + 6 rows

- very textured, 3 dimensional patterns of offset leaves with 2 reverse stockinette stitch between to "push" the leaf forward.
- curves a lot on all sides
- YO forms the center line in the bottom half of the leaf and the decreases are on the outside edges of the top half of the leaf.
- not fully reversible but it does look fairly nice on the wrong side.

Knit 16 May 2010.

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